custom school year 12 jerseys

only we make real "finished" Jerseys in Australia

Our "FABRIC TREATMENT DYE PLANT" means your jerseys are properly dye-washed, pre-shrunk and colour-set.

ONLY we have a "FULL" jersey plant in Australia.  This means you get REAL properly Finished Jerseys.


Our knitting & fabric treatment finishing plant is your guarantee of quality. 




Simply put, they can't match our finished  jersey fabric quality.



We do it right because we've done it 65 years


Peerless is the ONLY brand that makes knitted Jerseys in Australia.....Start to Finish....


Fabric Knitting plant + FABRIC FINISHING DYE HOUSE + Jersey Making Plant.

Australian quality


Peerless has been making the highest quality jerseys right here in Australia for over 65 years.  We own and operate the largest most modern Jersey knitting/treatment factory in Australia today, in fact the ONLY one in Australia.  We make our jerseys from the ground up and control ever stage of production, from dyed yarn to knitting of the fabric to treatment, washing, drying and rolling of our fabrics to cutting and making of our finished jerseys.  This control of our production, completely vertically, and over 65 years of know how is why we produce the industry best jersey fabric we are famous for.  

There is no reason to buy an inferior jersey made in China simply because that company can't do what we can in Australia. Beware of fabrics that have not been dyed or treated correctly overseas.   

Peerless jerseys last for decades.  They hold their colour and shape and continue to provide year after year of satisfaction. After many decades of local, state, national, and international competition, across many codes Peerless has perfected the Australian Made Jersey.  Our jerseys today are "tougher than the toughest".


We also offer our customers many benefits others can't match, such as small production runs, for things like back up orders or extras.  We get the colours right year after year, others struggle with this.  We stock a massive amount of yarn in over 80 colours ready for our customers to use.  


But perhaps our greatest strength is our super fast turn around times when compared to other suppliers. We can if pushed make in 1 week, from yarn to finished jerseys.  We can completely revolutionize the production of your jerseys. 


Give us your order and sit back knowing you will receive the best jerseys in the World months before the next girl.

100% Australian made


Buy Australian made REAL Jerseys, feel good AND get a far superior product, in far less time. No worrying about whether your order will turn up and what it looks like when it does. ASK YOUR SUPPLIER WHERE THEY MANUFACTURE….. "We still build the best jerseys, in the world, in Australia. We don't compromise on fabric weight or quality to meet a price point. We give our customers better product at the same price point." VALUE AND QUALITY The Australian made way.

Peerless Plant
Proudly Australian

Our Knitting / fabric treatment plant is the only one in the knitted jersey game in Australia, located right here in Sydney. This ensures our customers the highest quality Australian made fabrics. The fastest production times and the best control over your order customisation available in the industry.


Peerless 30 day production

We are the fastest....there is nothing else to say.  Your jerseys will be assembled in 30 days ready for extras.  



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