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70 years-over 1'000'000 jerseys

Peerless has been making the highest quality jerseys right here in Australia for 70 years.  Over 1'000'000 jerseys.


Family owned and operated, modern Jersey knitting+treatment+cut&make factory.  We make our jerseys from the ground up and control ever stage of production, from dyed yarn knitting of the fabric to treatment  and rolling of our fabrics to cutting and making of our finished jerseys.  This control of production, completely vertically, and 70 years of know how is why we produce the best jerseys in the World.  


Peerless jerseys last for decades.  They hold their colour and quality and provide years of satisfaction.


After many decades of local, state, national, and international competition, across many codes Peerless has perfected the Australian Made Jersey.  Our jerseys are "tougher than the toughest".


We offer our customers many benefits others can't match, such as small production runs, for things like back up orders or extras.  We get the colours right year after year.  We stock a large amount of yarn in many colours ready for our customers to use.  


 8 weeks not 6 months to make your jerseys.


Give us your order, & relax, knowing you will receive the best jerseys in the World, months before the next person.

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